Photojournalism workshop in Novosibirsk


A guest at the Perspektivy launch event reviews photos taken by participants on the photojournalism workshop in Novosibirsk


15 journalists from around Siberia recently gathered in Novosibirsk for a three day workshop for photojournalists.

Led by long-time Reuters photographer Grigory Dukor, the participants gathered not only to learn tips on how to improve their technical skills and abilities with their camera, but also how to better 'tell' the story with their photos, and connect with their audience. A key lesson participants learnt was that the viewer, whoever that might be, and however beautiful the composition of the photograph is, has to understand what is going on, and how it is relevant to them.

Much of the workshop time was spent out and about in Novosibirsk practicing their craft. The photographers were asked to take photos around a topical theme; in this case, 'women and urbanisation'. The photos were later put on display at the Perspektivy launch event in Moscow.

This was also a great opportunity for photographers from around the region to meet up, network, and exchange ideas.  The only complaint was that three days weren't enough! As one participant put it, the workshop was a perfect opportunity to 'feed your brain and inspire you'.

Perspektivy believes that photojournalism can be an extremely powerful medium to convey news stories and events. The feedback from the participants in Novosibirsk suggests they certainly agree with us.