Perspektivy in Regional Media

Irina Levina

Participants of the Study Trip visiting OrenTV in Orenburg.


On September 28 in Orenburg, Perspektivy program organizers observed the work of Russian regional editorial houses. During one day, they managed to meet with the representatives of television, radio, newspapers, and information portals. Journalists, editors, and managers of Orenburg media told about their work processes and shared current professional challenges. These meetings helped the foundation representatives to understand better what components should be emphasized or added to the Perspektivy workshops.

In the evening more than 30 representatives of Orenburg media took part in panel discussion “Journalism crisis or transformation of the profession?” with the following main speakers:

Gemma Pörzgen, journalist, Germany

Per Anders Johansen, Moscow based correspondent of Norwegian newspaper “Aftenposten” (via Skype)

Tatyana Felgengauer, Deputy Chief Editor of Echo of Moscow radio station

Alexander Plyushchev, presenter at Echo of Moscow radio station.

Open dialogue showed that in any country both in the capital and in the regions, the field of journalism undergoes similar changes and journalism professionals face similar challenges.

After the panel discussion, the participants continued their communication. Many journalists attending the event said that they would like to take part in Perspektivy program.

Find announcements about new possibilities for journalists at the website of the program or at the facebook page.