Trainer's blog on "News writing in the digital era" workshop

Anatoly Verbin, Perspektivy

Participants of Perspektivy workshop. Author Alisa Kustikova


Anatoly Verbin, trainer of "News writing in the digital era" workshop:

We can confidently call this course PPS  (productive, pleasant, smiling).

Fourteen journalists representing various media (TV, newspapers, news agencies and Internet sites) from four countries - Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine spent five days as an inspired team whose journalistic skills were refreshed and their horizons  widened. 

Their enthusiasm was so great that when the elevator was broken one day, they took it in their stride and never complained about having to walk up seven floors each about seven meters high. And not a single person was late for a session.

We started with some funny mistakes in simple stories and ended up composing complex materials which combined news and added value.
We combined practice with theory on journalistic standards like balance, ethics, lack of bias and good structure and more modern skills like visualization of news, personal security and how news outlets can use social media. 

"It was a top level master class," said one feedback form. "I realized here that there are many more styles of news journalism than we use in my newsroom".
Another one said: "I will definitely use this experience to change the way I work."

We did not have a single muscovites among participants and that made the venue of the course in the very centre of the Russian capital even more valuable.