“Our major task was not only to produce our own project, but rather to create five excellent projects”

A participant from St.Petersburg on co-authorship in the Cross-Border Journalism project

Участники программы "Трансграничная журналистика" обсуждают проекты друг друга на заключительной встрече программы в Тбилиси, декабрь 2017


Elena: before Cross-Border Journalism I had not taken part in any program of the kind. Either I had no time, or the conditions were not that attractive. This time I was tempted to participate because journalists from other countries were also invited, which meant one could get a unique work experience. Before that project, I had co-authored only a few texts and it was not the best experience, to be honest. So, I was a little worried, but in vain. All participants were experienced professionals and there was not a single “outsider”, which I appreciated. May be it was due to the fact that the program did not imply any compensation, which attracted only those people, who were interested in learning and working together with their colleagues.

 The first program meeting took place in Kishinev. We met and told each other about our topics. Out of 8 topics total, 5 were selected as opposed to the usual 4. Thus, we broke down into five teams. Together with two other journalists, I worked on the main project devoted to education. During the first meeting, we discussed all the details, developed the plans and agreed on deadlines. Mentors Nabi Abdullaev and Sergey helped us to formulate our topics and to get rid of everything unnecessary. They also consulted us and effectively assisted in our work.       

 We worked on the projects up to the second meeting in Tbilisi, where we presented the results. The discussion was the most important part for me. Despite the initial breakdown into teams, we worked all together helping and advising each other. I felt that we wanted not only to produce our own project, but rather to create five excellent projects.”

Then, due to coordinator Natasha Pisarenko we had a cross-border meal together, where we told each other about our countries and cities through the food products that we had taken with us for this purpose. The second meeting helped us to become friends and I’m grateful to the project for that. Certainly, this is not the only result of Cross-Border Journalism. The main thing is that we managed to create important texts in the course of the program.   

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