Trainer's Blog: Perspektivy workshop in Moscow

Perspektivy Staff

Twelve journalists from across Russia took part in the first round of the Prespektivy programme in Moscow on September 14-18.

Called “News Judgment; opportunities and challenges for journalists in the digital era”, this workshop was a little different from the traditional tried and tested module usually run by the partners of Perspektivy.

We had a lead trainer, doing the whole course, devoting most of the time to practical exercises, and then four other trainers, each of whom held a half-a-day session on his or her specialty:

“Visualisation of news”

“Fighting fakes and fact checking”

“Promoting news in social media”

“How the media can work with bloggers and blogosphere”


The idea behind this module was to equip the participants who represented mostly regional media with a set of skills they need to help their outlets survive and develop in the changing media scene in Russia.

It was fun and, according to the participants, quite useful. The space where we held the course, also helped. Our training room was part of a huge modern co-working area in the very heart of Moscow, in the building of its old Central Telegraph.

Though the building itself was constructed in 1925-1927, nearly every Russian, looking at it, recalls the phrase said by Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik 1917 revolution, or uprising, depending on the point of view.

He said that there were three services which had to be captured to secure success – post office, telephone office and the telegraph.

So we took one, only a tiny part and only for a week. But maybe it was just a start?