TV show "Orenburg-Orynbor. 6500 km". Eight episodes on the life of people living along the border between Russia and Kazakhstan

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TV show "Orenburg-Orynbor. 6500 km"


Maxim Kurnikov, Cross-Border Journalism project participant tells about his project: “We decided to travel along the border and see how people live there, what languages they speak at home and at work, what languages they learn at school, how religions coexist in these places, and what people think about his border.”

The film producers passed 6500 km from Orenburg (called Orynbor in Kazakh) and back.

For the first time the film appeared at the website of Echo Moskvi Radio station in Orenburg. English version please watch here.

In the first episode the project author Maxim Kurnikov traveled through several towns and villages of the Orenburg region located along the border and talked to local Kazakh families about their problems and relations with their Russian neighbors. The film characters are ordinary people. Their opinions are based on personal experience, which provides insight into the life of Kazakhs in Russia and Russians in Kazakhstan.

Maxim’s project was noticed by the editors and later appeared at the DOZHD TV channel under the title “Border”.

“The border between Russia and Kazakhstan is one of the youngest in the world. It stretches for 7500 km being the longest land border in the world. In the 20th century it underwent a lot of changes. At some point Orenburg even served as a capital of a newly formed republic. A real border with the customs control and guarding points appeared only in the 1990s. As a result of that division, from five hundred thousand to one million Kazakhs live along the border on the Russian territory now. At the same time about two million Russians live in the borderline territory on the side of Kazakhstan.”  

Mentor of the project was Anatoly Verbin.