6 reasons to (not) take part in the Perspektivy program for graduates

Anastasia, Altai region

Perspektivy's Alumni Workshop participants at Reuters newsroom tour, London 2018


6 reasons to (not) take part in the Perspektivy program for graduates.

Thoughts of the workshop participant of the Perspektivy program for graduates. London, January 2018

1.You will have to work in a team. The participants selected for the program with the informal name of “International Stop” divide into teams depending on the situation. You can be a part of one or several groups, the latter is up to you. Then, the team starts to work on a cross-border topic looking for new angles and points of entry. It can be quite challenging taking into account political, social, cultural and other specific features. It may take quite a bit of time and sweat to come up with the right approach.   

2.Most likely, you will work in an unusual format or try yourself in an unusual role. Most likely, you will be willing to create an excellent project. To do that, you will have to start using a camera instead of a usual notebook or tablet, learn to edit videos from scratch, write stand-ups, or even work with graphic editors and programs for editing multimedia projects.

3.You will have to act right on the spot enjoying it at the same time. The project may demand decisive actions on your part. For example, to interview pedestrians in a foreign country and language within 30 minutes, while most of them are not inclined to talk to some people with a camera. Then, most likely, you will have to put the project together quickly and remake it several times striving for perfection. You won’t have much time for it, which will give you a shot of adrenalin.     

4.You will write very serious material about a non-existent country. On the program for the graduates, you will take part in several trainings by Anatoly Verbin. Within a couple of hours, you will have to understand the situation in an imaginary country and attempt to write several hard-hitting texts. Hypothetically, you may even undergo punishment for the wrong presentation of facts in that imaginary country. It is tough.  

5.Your worldview may change. A quality training from Perspektivy will give a shake to your ideas on professional ethics, solutions to current problems, and work with information. During the workshops you may be arguing with colleagues on controversial topics and may be eventually even have an insight. Your worldview will never be the same.    

6.You can unexpectedly come up with new topics, while talking to the colleagues. Completely by chance, in conversations between classes you will find common topics and touch points with your colleagues. In fact, these topics may be so exciting that you will be eager to develop them beyond the International Stop. However, it won’t be that hard any more, because you already know how to find contact points, do something from scratch, and work in an unusual role.     

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