"First think, then, write", such was the internal principle that I took back with me to St.Petersburg.


Alisa took part in workshop "News writing in the digital era", held on 23-27 April 2016 in Moscow. 

Alisa Kustikova, ​"Novaya gazeta in Petersburg", editor of the web-site content:

The workshop gave us the most important thing, which is a systematic approach toward working with information. It has become possible due to Anatoly Verbin, an excellent mentor and journalist. We started the training with a detail account of the journalism basic components: the heading and the lead. In the end of the workshop, which was just four days later, we were already making critical analysis of the material written according to Reuters standards.

The organizers managed to fit an amazingly large amount of material into the workshop program, which included not just practical side, but also professional “metaphysics” like ethics, reasonableness, and balance of opinions. Interestingly, apart from discussing the theory we also worked with real text samples at hand.

“News writing in the digital era” workshop was held in the mode similar to daily activity in an editorial office. Every day we wrote materials and discussed them. The tasks were for training only, but the deadlines were quite real. However, the most important thing was not the drive, but a possibility to reflex and discuss both lucky coincidences and mistakes. “First think, then, write”, such was the internal principle that I took back with me to St.Petersburg.

However, it was not the only thing that I took back. My notebook full of notes joined me as well and I’m confident that I’ll be making good use of it. It has selected notes from Anatoly Verbin’s training, a number of links to the excellent pictures and photo-stories in Reuters from the workshop of Grigory Dukor – the head of Reuters photo-service in Russia and CIS, instructions on improving media publics by Nadezhda Naiborodina – the head of the department on promotion in TASS social networks, very honest conversation about journalist’s ethics from Nabi Abdulayeva - The Moscow Times ex-editor.

On top of that, I took back contacts of the peers, whom I happened to be working in one team with. I have no doubts that our paths will cross and we’ll meet again on the broad road of journalism. Probably we would not have become such good friends in these five days, if it hadn’t been for the Natalia Pisarenko, Perspektivy program coordinator, who not only organized the educational block in a great way, but also helped to make the trip to Moscow extremely exciting. It was quite something to visit the Dozhd’ studio, Reuters editing house, and the meeting of Thomson Reuters Moscow Women Club, which was a unique experience.

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