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Please find here a list of past events and current activities which are open for applications. Unless otherwise stated, the opportunities are open only to working journalists. Please also note that this is a Russian-speaking programme.

Further eligibility criteria are explained once you have clicked on the links.

Should there currently be no open activities, please check back regularly to make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities


Call for application on participation in cross-border journalism project  is now closed

10 journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan will take part in the VII season of "Cross-border journalism" programme.

This programme will involve the following activities: workshops on journalistic skills in interviewing and working with new media formats, use of social media, and field exercise where working in teams and with a support of experienced mentors participants could practice in developing cross-border projects. Participants will  undertake 2-5 days short-research trips for better understanding issues they report on. 


Cross-border journalism project "Asia-mix: water issues" took place in Almaty 

That was a new opportunity for journalists in the early and mid stages of their career looking for the chance to develop their skills in reporting on cross-border issues where countries of the Central Asia are involved in order to enhance their professional network in this region.

This programme involved the following activities: workshops on basic journalistic skills on reporting in global media standards, and field exercise where working in teams and with a support of experienced mentors participants could practice in developig cross-border projects. Participants undertook 1-3 days short-research trips in Central Asia for better understanding water issues in the region.

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‘Reporting on regional issues to international standards: Workshops for mid-career journalists and bloggers were hold on 15-18 November and 14-16 December 2018 in Georgia and Armenia. The core activity concerned the actual writing and reporting of news, techniques for structuring a story, tips to conduct better interviews and the correct treatment of sources and quotes, as practiced by Reuters and other global news services. 

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Spring 2018 call for applications for the VI season of "Cross-Border journalism" programme is now closed.

9 successful candidates from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and regions of Russia will meet their project teams and mentors on 7-8 April in Tbilisi.    

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Projects of the fifth season of "Cross-Border journalism" programme is now published.  One of the participants article has been nominated for a prestigious journalism award Redcollegia.  

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“Reporting skills in the digital era”: Workshops for mid-career journalists were hold in Armenia and Georgia.  Its been an experimental season where participants took exercises on multimedia cross-border stories producing. Find out more in media trainer's blog >

Spring 2017 series of workshops were hold in St.Petersburg and Moscow 

12 Russian-speaking journalists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Russia and Tajikistan took part  in the first session of workshop series “Reaching global media standards in news writing and reporting” hold on 21-23 April 2017 in St.Petersburg and on 19-20 May 2017 in Moscow.

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Participants of Winter 2017 cohort of "Cross-Border journalism" programme met for closing seminar 

International teams of journalists from Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russian, and Ukraine met with their mentors after month and a half investigation field trips. During their trips Perspektivy offered distance mentoring and travel assistance. At the closing seminar participants discussed results of researches and reviewed  their projects with their mentors. Final project expected to be published by the end of May 2017. 

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Third season of ‘Cross-Border Journalism’ programme ended up with  4 "striking cords" journalists projects. Journalists from Armenia, Georgia, Russia developed a story on role of Churches in Euroitegration  “Churches in the Caucasus”. Participants from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan traveled across dying Aral sea and designed breath-catching story about “The Aral Sea residents". Lives of "Small diasporas in Russia” were investigated by tandem of participants from Moldova, Poland, and Russia. Team of TV and writing journalists from St.Petersburg and Kaliningrad developed multi-format story on “Cross-border shopping” covering Russia and its neighbouring countries Finland and Poland.  

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Workshop “News writing and reporting skills in the digital era” was held in Tbilisi on 24-28 November 2016. Journalists from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine studied basic journalistic skills on news judgement and structuring texts, had lectures on multimedia story telling, trained on-line and internet journalism skills. For closing event participants met with best Russia-language journalists from Georgia at Front Line journalists Club in Tbilisi to discuss the future of Russian-language journalism in their countries. During 5-days stay participants had newsroom excursion to the 1st TV Channel and Palitra holding.    

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“Reporting skills in the digital era”: Workshops for mid-career journalists was held in Moscow on 2-4 September and 29-30 September 2016.   The core activity concerned the actual writing and reporting of news, techniques for structuring a story, tips to conduct better interviews and the correct treatment of sources and quotes, as practiced by Reuters and other global news services. Maxim Kornev run theoretical lecture on fact-checking and Aleksey Kovalev added some spice with his practical experience in Noodles Remover project.

For out of class activities participants visited newsroom of TV RAIN, Russia Beyond The Headlines, The Village, Reuters. Closing fun element pf the programme was joint cooking of the dinner with Alumni of Perspektivy, and Cross-border journalism projects participants and mentors. 

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Mentoring programme: 'Cross Border Journalism’ united 8 journalists looking at increasing their exposure to reporting from multiple countries. Team of 3 participants traveled to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania to research waves of immigrants. Writing journalist from Kazakhstan and photojournalist from Azerbaijan investigated new tourism areas in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Tandem of participants from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan developed a story about cross-border brides that was taken by Reuters and showed on BBC.

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Workshop for early-career and middle-career journalists: 'News writing in the digital era’ took place in Moscow. 14 journalists from 4 countries and regions from almost all range of media (newspapers, news agencies, TV Channels, on-line media) gathered to study the actual writing and reporting of news, as practiced by Reuters and other global agencies. 

Read participant's feedback  and trainer's blog.

Mentoring programme: 'Cross Border Journalism’ 8 journalists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan  for two months worked together in international teams and practiced to produce stories that transcend borders of their countries. 

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Workshop: 'News Judgment; opportunities and challenges for journalists in the digital era’ 12 journalists from around Russia took part in a workshop in Moscow.

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Workshop: 'Train the trainers' A workshop was held for future trainers and facilitators who will help to guide the activities of the Perspektivy programme in June in Moscow .

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Event: 'Round Table, photo exhibition and Launch Party' Taking place at the Lumiere Brothers photography exhibition space, Perspektivy hosted a panel discussion, a photo exhibition and drinks reception to mark the launch of the programme.

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Workshop: 'Photojournalism workshop' Before the 'official' launch, we held a workshop in Novosibirsk for photojournalists from around Siberia.  The focus of the workshop was on women's empowerment.

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