Get Involved

During the year 2015-2020 we will launch a number of professional development events and other opportunities for early and middle career journalists from all over Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia which are open to applications.

These will range from workshops that bring journalists from across the region together for hands-on training and networking, to mentoring by Russian-speaking, internationally experienced senior journalists, to grants and funding packages allowing journalists to pursue their projects based on their interests.

These activities will be opened up to the wider journalism and media community through events, seminars and commissioned reports, details of which will be made available on this website.

Successful candidates of the programme will have the opportunity to enhance their professional skills and personal networks by working on journalism projects in multilateral teams – an opportunity vital in the world of modern journalism.

Thereby, Perspektivy is a flexible programme.  We are always keen to hear suggestions by those interested in the industry. We will liaise closely with journalism schools, professional media outlets and others to make sure the activities remain relevant and of the utmost use to journalists.

We are always happy to hear from anyone who would like to be involved. Please see our contact page for ways to be in touch. Follow us on Facebook - @perspektivymedia.