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In the second half of 2015, Perspektivy is running a workshop for Russian based journalists, followed by an opportunity to apply for mentoring and grants to undertake an ambitious journalism project.

In early 2016 these schemes will be opened up to journalists from Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries.

Visit the opportunities page for more information.

We recommend to prepare letter of editorial support before you proceed to fill in the application form. 

Letter of editorial support should be provided by full-time employed journalists and free-lancers. For free-lancers that could be letter from media outlets he or she most frequently collaborate with. 

The letter should be provided on the official labeled paper with stamp of the organization and signature of the editor in chief or general director. 

Please address this letter to the Perspektivy programme organizers. Main body text must contain confirmation that applicant is currently work or collaborate with this media and will be given days off to participate in Perspektivy programme activities. Editors should also confirm that topic suggested by the candidate is of interest for their media outlets. Please address this letter to Perspektivy programme organizers. 

In case you have any queries regarding the letter of support please contact us here. We normally response in the course of the business week. 

Perspektivy workshops are aimed at early career and mid-career journalists covering the whole spectrum of media.

The various events and workshops will be listed in the 'Opportunities' section, and each will make clear who is eligible to apply.

Keep an eye on this website for upcoming events.

Applications should be made online via the website.

Selection of participants is based on a number of factors:

First, the applicant should meet the criteria specified in the published opportunity.  Common requirements include being a fulltime journalist in the early or middle part of their career, but each opportunity varies.  Incomplete or late applications are not considered.

Those selected are those who we consider would receive the maximum benefit from the specific programme they have applied to.  They may show great promise in the samples of work that they submit, or they may provide a succinct answer as to why they would benefit from attending the programme, for example.

Shortlists are drawn up by Perspektivy staff based on meeting the criteria, which are then reviewed by experts.  These experts then make recommendations to Perspektivy staff, who may check references or undertake any final checks.

The final selection takes into account the balance of the group; we strive for a gender balance and a reasonable geographic representation, for example.

The calls are open to journalists from all types of media, irrelevant of the medium or ownership of that media.

For participants in workshops, Perspektivy covers flight or train return tickets costs, provides accommodation, and catering during workshop. Small expenses for general needs are also covered.

The “Cross border journalism” mentoring scheme includes two meetings (kick off training session and closing event) and practical exercises in the format of a research trip. Flights or train return tickets costs, accommodation, catering and small expenses for general needs are covered for participants of both meetings by Perspektivy.

Perspektivy also reimburses an agreed list of costs for the research trip exercises. At the first project meeting, participants clarify their story ideas and with mentors develop a plan to undertake the necessary research. Participants then work with the programme coordinator to develop a way to organise the logistics of these research trips, which may include flights, accommodation, equipment hire, and other incidentals that may be required for the trip.

During the research period, for most destinations, participants may arrange flights, train tickets and accommodation with the help of the programme coordinator. For other expenses, participants need to collect receipts for reimbursement at the time of the closing event.

This research trip is a part of a professional development learning process.  Perspektivy does not pay any honorarium or scholarship to participants.

Based on our experience, the size of total expenses for any research undertaken varies between 600 and 1500 Euros.